The Clean Technology Centre is an independent body, whose mission is to advise and assist industry, government and society alike towards a more sustainable pattern of consumption and production. The integrity and reputation of CTC ensures its unbiased assessment of environmental issues.

At the Bloom Festival 2014, CTC supported the LAPN programme and Dublin City Council host a Food Waste Prevention area, where the President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins visited.The CTC is neither a State Agency, nor a private consultancy. It is rather a national resource allowing all concerned with resource efficiency and sustainability to avail of a pool of expertise which is not aligned to industry, government nor any sectoral organisation.

The goal of the CTC is to move consumption and production patterns towards more preventive approaches, ensuring carbon efficient societies, through resource efficiency. Resource efficiency and the circular economy brings economic, social, health, safety and environmental benefits.

Since its inception, the Clean Technology Centre has developed considerable expertise in the identification and implementation of resource efficient options in a wide range of industrial sectors. More and more businesses are becoming more resource efficient because of legislative, customer and financial pressures, or due to the knowledge that sustainable production is the only viable option for progressive companies. Put simply, resource efficiency pays, both in the short and long term.

Typical scene at a hospital waste audit. Here Eileen O'Leary and Maired Creedon of CTC are hard at work. The Clean Technology Centre is active in developing and utilising a better understanding of socio-economic factors in the move towards sustainable development. The key barriers and driving forces that impact on sustainability are no longer technological – rather they relate to our societies and how they function. The use of networks, innovation, communication channels and support mechanisms is crucial as is a fundamental change in mass consumer behaviour. The role of innovative, effective and well-implemented legislation and policies are also major driving forces for sustainable development – and the CTC is actively supporting and facilitating such government initiatives.

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