The Clean Technology Centre is a centre of excellence, based in the Cork Institute
of Technology.

The Centre offers a service to industry, EU, national and local authorities in the adoption of resource efficiency, environmental management systems, waste minimisation techniques,clean technologies and cleaner production, consultancy, training, research and promotion. The Centre has also carried out critical research in a number of areas at the leading edge of sustainable development.

The goal of the Clean Technology Centre is to continually strive for environmental improvement in all its activities, products and services. This means, not only improvement in our own environmental performance, but also to seek innovative solutions to all our clients’ environmental problems. To this end, we will always seek to persuade our clients to adopt preventive strategies and philosophical changes, rather than end-of-pipe solutions.

The Clean Technology Centre subscribes fully to the principle of sustainable development, including supply side and demand side issues. As such we seek to encourage sustainable production and sustainable consumption. We will, therefore, seek to advise client companies on proactive management techniques and technologies, and will continually work towards the adoption of new standards by all societal actors. This policy provides the framework for setting environmental objectives and targets to which the necessary resources shall be committed.

The Clean Technology Centre will not only comply with all legislative requirements, but will continue to seek improvements in legislation. We will work with industry, government, educators, and non-governmental organisations alike – in order to improve the environment, both locally and globally.

The Clean Technology Centre is committed to implementation of both ISO 14001 and EMAS, in the first instance, but will further seek to improve these Standards. This means, not only adopting measures to ensure the continual improvement of our own environmental performance, but also constantly striving to improve others.

Finally, the Clean Technology Centre will always act in the best interests of both its clients and society at large, with the continuing aim of enhancing the environmental situation on our planet.


Signed:Dermot Cunningham, Director, Clean Technology Centre
Dermot Cunningham
Director, Clean Technology Centre

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