CTC has a very impressive track record in acquiring research funding and delivering high quality results.

CTC has carried out over 100 research projects
Since 1992 CTC has been involved in over 100 pure and applied research projects. This has led to many excellent products, training programmes, research project reports. We want to add to this and continue and expand this important work with new and current clients and partners.

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Irish Project Management

LAPN is a major Irish project.
CTC has been managing local and national projects for many years in Ireland. In recent years many of these have been related to the EPA’s National Waste Prevention Programme. These currently include:

Previously the CTC also set up and managed Green Business, stages 1 and 2 of the Cleaner Greener Production Programme (CGPP) (now knows as Green Enterprise).
CTC has also supported other national agencies such as Bord Iascaigh Mhara on the greening of that sector. CTC also works closely with other resource efficiency providers such as SEAI, Enterprise Ireland, Origin Green etc. in cooperative ventures.

Irish Research

CTC has carried out many major EPA Research projects
CTC has a long and successful track record in Irish related environmental research over many years. Much of this relates to the EPA’s ERTDI and STRIVE programmes (now called EPA Research). CTC produced the report: Roadmap for a National Resource Efficiency Plan for Ireland, laying out potential actions to bring Ireland forward to 2020 in that regard. Much of this research had significant impact on subsequent Irish environmental policies and programmes.

Examples include:

  • Development of optimised pay-by-use systems which are designed to maximise the incentives for waste reduction while at the same time maintaining a properly functioning waste management system. (2008) – this led to the current government policy and proposed legislation to implement new domestic pay-by-weight collection system in Ireland.
  • Greening of Irish hotels (2006) – this led to the setting up of the Green Hospitality Programme in Ireland.
  • Assessment and development of a waste prevention framework for Ireland (2002) – this led to the setting up of the National Waste Prevention Programme of the EPA.
  • Assessment and evaluation of outlets for materials that can be recovered from municipal waste (2000) – this project led to the setting up of the Irish Markets Development Group (and subsequent rx3).
  • Procedure for the Identification of the Hazardous Components of Waste (2000) – this developed the official Irish methodology for the classification of hazardous waste.
  • Characterisation of non-household municipal waste in Ireland and the development of an approach to tracking municipal waste composition (2000) – this produced methodologies that has supported official waste data collection in Ireland for years.
  • Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Collection Trials in Ireland – these trials paved the way for the current WEEE collection systems in Ireland

As part of CTC’s research we have produced many other reports, methodologies, data sets and best practice guidance documents of great value to Ireland and its environmental protection.
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International Research

CTC has carried out many EU co-funded projects.CTC has been active in working internationally since 1994. In that time CTC has worked on 31 multinational projects with over 120 partners from 32 countries.

CTC has provided pure and applied research solutions to the European Commission Directorates including: External Relations; Enterprise and Industry; Environment; Research; Regional Policy; Education and Culture: Research and Innovation.

These projects have been diverse in subject area and have include areas such as:

  • Training (several projects with many partners in the Leonardo da Vinci, Tempus, and Intelligent Energy Europe progammes)
  • Environmental Management (projects with LIFE Environment funding, for example)
  • Capacity Building (working in countries such as Macedonia, Croatia, China, Mongolia in the Tempus, Asia Pro, and Phare Programmes, for example)
  • ‘Pure’ Research (programmes such as the 4th, 5th, and 6th Framework programmes)
  • Environmental Legislation (projects on waste legislation implementation for DG Environment)

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