Since 1992 CTC is proud to have worked successfully with over 120 partners from 40 countries.

CTC has worked with partners from almost every country in EuropeThis partnership approach continues; for example in the Energywater project (Horizon 2020) the partners are:  INSTITUTO TECNOLÓGICO DE CASTILLA Y LEON (Spain), THE CARBON TRUST  (UK), SOCAMEX   (Spain), CYPRUS ENERGY AGENCY) (Cyprus), OFFICE INTERNATIONAL DE L’EAU  (France), CLEAN TECHNOLOGY CENTRE, CIT  (Ireland), WINGS ICT SOLUTIONS INFORMATION & COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES (EPE)  (Greece), EUROPEAN WATER SUPPLY AND SANITATION TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM (AISBL) (Belgium), SmartFuture SRL (Italy), OKAVANGO ENERGY SAS (France).

In Europe CTC has developed a large portfolio of partners and potential partners from such projects and also from being a part of important networks in the resource efficiency field, such as PREPARE, ERSCP etc. We have also worked with partners in China and Mongolia.

Tadhg Coakley and Dermot Cunningham receiving gifts from a visiting Chinese delegation CTC is well known and respected in Europe as a proficient and effective project partner. CTC is always keen to work with new partners – and given our wide range of experience in many different programmes, we can also assist in project proposals.

In Ireland CTC also works with like minded individuals and companies. For example in the Stop Food Waste Programme, we are partnering with other experts in this field, such as: Composting & Recycling Consultants Ireland, Irish Peatland Conservation Council (IPCC) and Wastedown Consultants.

If you would like to partner with CTC on a project, or have new project ideas, we’d love to hear from you. Contact Tadhg Coakley.

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