CTC’s research and project work has covered many different environmental subject areas.

RESEARCH shutterstock_9083930These include:

  • Resource Efficiency (e.g. CTC is working closely on several initiatives within the National Waste Prevention Programme (NWPP) such as Green Business, Local Authority Prevention Network, Stop Food Waste, Green Hospitality, Green Healthcare etc.; CTC has also carried out much research in this field)
  • Cleaner production (e.g. CTC was programme manager for the Cleaner Greener Production Programme (CGPP), phases I and II, and has produced many best practice solutions and guidance)
  • Environmental management systems (e.g. EU Leonardo da Vinci Training Project: HERMES II (Health-Environment-Risk Managers Educational Support); also Development of an Environmental Management System for the Fish Sector, with BIM )
  • Governance, Policy issues: (e.g. Research projects: Roadmap for a National Resource Efficiency Plan for Ireland; Assessment and development of a waste prevention framework for Ireland etc.)
  • Environmental technologies (e.g. EPA ERTDI Research project: Investigation into why existing environmental technologies are underused)
  • Award Schemes (e.g. Green Fáilte Award Programme for Ireland)
  • Sustainable waste management (e.g. Development of hazardous waste classification paper tool for Ireland; EU HAZTRAIN Project (online version of the classification tool); Assessment and evaluation of outlets for materials that can be recovered from municipal waste; management of the Stop Food Waste programme etc.)
  • research treeEnergy Efficiency (e.g. Energy Management Action Programme (Energy MAP) for Hotels; EU EINSTEIN Project on the development and training for a thermal auditing tool)
  • Socio economic factors (e.g. EU 5th Framework Research Programme Project Evaluation of networking and innovation diffusion as mechanisms for sustainable production (INNET) etc.)
  • Tracking and inventorying of materials (e.g. Compiling Emission Inventories of HFCs, PFCs and SF6 for inclusion in Ireland’s submission to the EU under Decision 280/2004/EC under the United Nations framework Convention on Climate Change with AEA Technology (UK) etc.)
  • Training and education (development and delivery) (e.g. Development of Waste Prevention Training Programme for industry in partnership with IBEC and Irish EPA; training programmes for Irish local authorities; energy-related training materials for Irish Transition Year students etc.)
  • Legislation (ongoing preparation of Health and safety legislation registers for Irish companies in a variety of sectors; Assessment and guidance for the implementation of EU waste legislation in Member States etc.)
  • Economic supports and instruments (e.g. Forbairt commissioned project: Assessment of the potential to develop environmental state supports for enterprise)
  • resource efficieny bannerBenchmarking (e.g. EPA ERTDI Research study: Environmental Benchmarking for IPC Industries)
  • Green public procurement (e.g. CTC are technical advisors to the Local Authority Prevention Network (LAPN) for the Irish EPA)
  • Ecolabels (e.g. EPA ERTDI Research project: Pilot programme for establishing a regional eco business recognition mark)
  • Technological Best Practice (e.g. development of BAT Guidance Note on Best Available Techniques for Solvent use in Coating, Cleaning and Degreasing)
  • Life Cycle Assessment (e.g. Food Factory of the Future project – Application of life-cycle methodology to food manufacturing (with AMT – UCC, and University of Maynooth)

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