Energy efficiency is another vital element for companies to achieve resource efficiency.

Checking and setting temperatures is a good way to reduce energy costs.The Clean Technology Centre has developed high levels of expertise in energy efficiency solutions across a wide range of sectors. For example in 2014 CTC produced a Best Practice Guide for Resource Efficiency in the Retail Sector.

In that guide, we looked at the many different sources of energy consumption for retail outlets such as:

  • lighting,
  • refrigeration,
  • heating,
  • ventilation & cooling, and
  • heating water.

Click here to download the guide. This is just one of many guides CTC  has developed.

ILooking at energy bills will help identify high energy/high cost areas.n the Retail Guide CTC then developed solutions to prevent inefficiencies for all of these energy users in shops and retail outlets. CTC also provided a checklist for those busy people in the sector to quickly and easily monitor their energy consumption themselves and consider best practice solutions.

We also show several case studies of how this has been achieved in other companies – proving that it can be done and it is very worthwhile financially.

CTC has developed experience in energy conservation in several sectors, and has provided cost saving solutions to many companies.

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