Water is an expensive commodityWater is an expensive and vital resource. It is costing Irish companies huge amounts of money and being wasted in large quantities.

Increasing water costs is an on-going concern for most businesses. In Ireland, cold water typically costs €2 – €3 per 1000 litres. However, hot water costs can exceed €10 per 1000 litres, due to the energy consumed in the heating. For this reason companies need to consider improved water efficiency. Wasted water is wasted money.

With the costs of waster ever increasing, CTC teamed up with, Bord Iascaigh Mhara (BIM) in 2012 to develop an on-line Water Conservation Tool to assist seafood companies reduce water costs. The tool provides information and tips to assist companies in reducing their water use throughout the processes in their factory and it’s available for free. Click here to to to this tool.

Reading water meters is a very useful way to begin the water conservation processMany of the simple approaches and actions in this online tool provide low cost and lucrative solutions. These could include:

  • Water Supply: night time text, background water use, continual monitoring,
  • Water Use: in cleaning, in processes, in other services. Carrying out a waster balance
  • Other water costs: water harvesting and treatment


CTC has developed considerable experience and has provided very cost-effective water conservation solutions for many companies in several sectors.

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