hazardous waste 1The classification of hazardous or potentially hazardous waste in Europe is a difficult and complex process, governed by multifaceted factors and complicated legislation.

It is also very important for companies to get the correct classification – the consequences of hazardous waste going to landfill or being exported with an incorrect classification can have serious consequences, both environmentally and for the haz waste 4reputation of companies. They can also be potentially very costly.

Over a decade ago the Clean Technology Centre began researching the legislation and process governing hazardous waste classification. We firstly developed a paper tool for the Environmental Protection Agency (the national agency with responsibility for this matter), related to the identification and classification of such waste streams – this was the official tool recommended by the haz waste 5EPA for Irish companies to use. This paper tool was further advanced by CTC to a web-based version co-funded by the European Commission, with international partners.

Now, CTC is commonly regarded as the main provider of hazardous waste classification in Ireland and we have many clients in this regard. As the leading expert in this difficult and extremely important issue, we can provide answers for your company. We provide:

  • Advice on and classification of individual waste streamshaz waste 3
  • Training on the classification process itself

Contact Eileen O’Leary for more information at eileen.oleary@ctc-cork.ie or at 021 4344864.

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