Wide Range of Environmental Services

We provide cutting edge solutions to our clients, whether in business or government. We have a proven track record in environmental protection and resource efficiency in materials, energy and water and carbon footprint quantifications.


CTC has developed high levels of expertise in energy efficiency solutions across a wide range of sectors. E.g. Refrigeration System Management and Maintenance Guide in Seafood Processes and Best Practice Guide for Resource Efficiency in the Retail Sector.


The best way to manage waste both environmentally and economically is to prevent waste from being generated in the first place. For almost 30 years, CTC has taking the approach to look at a process from material flow perspective and working towards waste prevention/minimisation and the best possible ways to manage waste generated in companies and society.

Carbon Footprint

An increase in greenhouse gases emissions, and therefore in carbon footprint, is the main cause of climate change that led to global warming. Carbon footprint quantification is the first step toward reducing it. CTC has done many carbon footprint quantifications and inventories for either product, process, service or companies.


Water production has a major environmental impact and far too much is being wasted. CTC has worked with different sectors of business to reduce their water consumption and the associated cost, including the retail, food, hospitality, industry, health, public bodies and other sectors.

A Leader in Resource Efficiency

CTC has developed considerable expertise in Material, Energy and Water resource efficiency methods and technologies, through a focused combination of research and practical work with government departments and companies from different sectors. In addition to high expert in Carbon Footprinting quantifications.

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