Commitment, Innovation and Excellence

The Clean Technology Centre at Cork Institute of Technology has been providing innovative and effective resource efficiency solutions since 1992. CTC is widely accepted as the leading waste prevention focused organisation in Ireland as well as being the oldest.

We provide cutting edge solutions to our clients, whether in business or government. We have a proven track record in environmental protection and resource efficiency in materials, energy and water.

We have delivered high-quality research outputs, original training programmes, as well as proven project management solutions for over 20 years to many different clients.

  • CTC Delivering Training on the Circular Economy to Cork SMEs

  • CTC a partner in EU project to green fire services

  • Recent projects

    Food Path

    Food Path is a collaborative research project with Queens University Belfast and the Southern Regional Waste Management Office. It aims to provide a critical review of international best-practice in consumer-level food waste prevention, to analyse the effectiveness of exisiting behaviour change interventions in Ireland and to trial alternative approaches to food waste prevention in Ireland. The work is funded by EPA Research and takes place from 2020-2023.

  • Recent projects


    CTC, in partnership with Community Reuse Network Ireland (CRNI)The Rediscovery Centre and The Eastern Midlands Waste Region, are carrying out a medium scale EPA research project on Quantifying and Qualifying the Reuse Sector in Ireland.

    The project looks into methodologies to assess and measure the Irish reuse sector. By analysing international best practice, the project team will develop an overview of good practices in other countries, draw lessons for Ireland, and identify gaps in the information that needs to be gathered.

  • Recent projects

    Local Authority Prevention Network

    The Local Authority Prevention Network (LAPN) builds capacity in local authorities for promoting waste prevention at a local and grassroots level for the benefit of their regions.


  • Recent projects

    Stop Food Waste Programme

    The Stop Food Waste Programme works with householders, communities, schools, local authorities and businesses, providing practical about the food we waste and how it can be prevented.

  • We work with


    CTC works with businesses in several capacities. Through our private consultancy work we provide many services. We also train individuals and groups in companies supporting those who seek to improve their resource efficiency and reduce costs. CTC has worked directly with over 300 companies in Ireland across many sectors.

  • We work with

    Local Authorities

    CTC has supported 25 local authorities mainly through the capacity building programme the Local Authority Prevention Network and also Stop Food Waste which have huge spin off effects in those regions. We also work directly with local authorities on waste management plans, consultancy etc.

  • We work with


    CTC works with communities through the Local Authority Prevention Network and the Stop Food Waste programmes. We provide training, facilitation, guidance and support. The Stop Food Waste Programme has set up many master composter sites, promoting food waste prevention all around Ireland.

  • We work with


    CTC is a leading research centre on many topics relating to resource efficiency. CTC has worked on more than 100 research projects, with like 120 minded-partners from 40 countries. In Ireland, CTC has also partnered with many individuals and organisations in its successful project work.

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