Consultancy to Cork Micro Enterprises though the Green for Micro Programme

The Clean Technology Centre has been commissioned by the Local Enterprise Office (LEO) of Cork City Council to provide consultancy to micro-businesses in Cork City.

This was done under the Green for Micro Programme of Cork City run by Cork City LEO and which aims to help prepare small businesses for the low carbon, more resource efficient economy of the future. It is a free programme available to companies with up to ten employees.

The CTC will assist the micro-businesses in three stages:

Preliminary review

  • Preliminary assessment using the Green Business online TREE tool. This tool will provide a Resource Efficiency Score and an outline a draft Resource Efficiency Action Plan
  • Review of energy and waste bills to generate green KPIs for the business
  • Review of energy and waste bills to access prices

Onsite visit

  • Review energy management, energy efficiency opportunities and renewable energy opportunities. CTC will identify the main energy users in the business. This may include lighting, heating, IT, transport, etc.
  • Review waste management practices with a view to implementing waste prevention and reuse approaches and reducing waste to landfill where feasible, including a review of issues which have been identified as a problem.

Post visit

Following the site visit CTC will report the main potential business opportunities which have been identified. It is important to discuss these opportunities with the business manager/owner and agree a 5 year action plan

  • The agreed Resource Efficiency Action Plan (REAP) will be presented to management and employees at a virtual meeting
  • The CTC will follow up with the companies a month after the presentation to review progress and assist where possible.

Key details

Project Name

Consultancy to Cork Micro Enterprises though the Green for Micro Programme


Local Enterprise Office (LEO) – Cork City Council





Main features

Business support for micro businesses in Cork City

Contact Details

Senior Environmental Consultant
James Hogan
Senior Environmental Consultant
James is a Senior Environmental Consultant and programme manager at CTC for over 24 years. He has a wide expertise in environmental management systems, resource efficiency, carbon management, sustainability and greening SMEs in Ireland and abroad. James has managed a number of national resource efficiency programmes including the Green Business Programme, the Green Hospitality Programme, Green Healthcare Programme and the Savour Food Programme. James is an experienced trainer on the subject of resource efficiency and has hosted close to 100 seminars for businesses on environmental sustainability and cost management.