Reuse Quality Mark Pilot Project (ReMark)

The Clean Technology Centre worked with the Community Resources Network of Ireland (CRNI) in the Reuse Quality Mark Pilot Project (ReMark). The project was funded under the Green Enterprise Programme of the EPA.

Reuse is at the heart of the European Circular Economy package. It is represented in the top two tiers of the waste hierarchy, including waste prevention and preparation for reuse.

Research has shown that in Europe, approximately 40% of all new material streams placed on the market leave the economy as waste in the same year. Reuse aims to retain these materials as products within the economy for longer, preventing the product from becoming waste as well as reducing demand for new products and associated environmental impacts.

In order to stimulate the reuse economy, both supply and demand for reused goods must be developed. To promote reuse at a European level, the Circular Economy package takes a holistic view of materials management in the economy, with much focus on better design for repair and reuse (helping supply). Irish waste policy supports reuse through national policy and Regional Waste Plans which set out concrete actions for reuse including better access to materials at Civic Amenity Sites, and embedding reuse into procurement policy for local, regional and national authorities.

Reuse certifications schemes are used throughout Europe to provide consumers with confidence in the products they buy from reuse organisations and thereby help to overcome the barriers outlined above. The development of a reuse certification system and quality mark was recommended in the Irish RX3 Bulky Waste Reuse study for this purpose.

The aim of this project was to develop a quality mark for Ireland: the ReMark. In time, CRNI aims to roll this out for Ireland in order to support reuse.

CTC’s role was to assist in engaging with and supporting pilot members, conducting consumer surveys and undertaking ReMark standard audits.

Details of the CRNI ReMark project and quality mark here

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Reuse Quality Mark Pilot Project (ReMark)


Community Resources Network of Ireland (CRNI)





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A Project to Develop a Quality Mark for Reused Goods in Ireland

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Senior Environmental Consultant
Colman Mc Carthy
Senior Environmental Consultant
Colman is a Senior Environmental Consultant with a BSc & MSc in industrial chemistry and postgraduate diplomas in environmental and industrial engineering. He is a Certified Energy Auditor (AEE) and Greenhouse Gas Verifier. Colman has thirty years’ experience in implementing certified ISO management systems, project management, research and conducting resource efficiency audits in the manufacturing and service sectors.