The Clean Technology Centre has been commissioned by the EPA to update the Smart Garage Guide, which it first developed in 2009.

CTC will consult with relevant stakeholders, including SIMI and audit several different garage types. Changes in legislation (WEEE, batteries, waste tyres etc.) will be reviewed and reflected in revised guidance. Improvements in technologies (e.g. energy efficient lighting) since the 2009 Guide will also be reflected in this review.

These new audits will provide first-hand information about the impact of the original Smart Garages Guide project on current practices and procedures. An overview report on the surveillance audits will be compiled and any implications for the proposed revised guidance for the sector will be detailed. Waste characterisation surveys will also be conducted to note the current composition of waste streams and compared with the original surveys.

CTC will produce and distribute a new guide in the most appropriate format for the target group. It will be user-friendly, simple, and in the most effective format for the sector. It will reflect current legislation and the most important issues for the sector at this time.

Other possible suitable outlets might include posters, a social-media presence, a calendar and fact-sheets, in order to supplement the guide. All the materials will be widely communicated and distributed in Ireland.

The booklet deals with the main day to day operations of a typical garage under the headings of Energy, Waste, Water and Documentation. For each of the main headings there is a brief introduction, followed by information on best practice options, as well as the laws that apply to each area.

The Smart Garages Guide is available here.

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Smart Garage Guide


Environmental Protection Agency





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Updating of a Guide to Green Garages

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Colum Gibson
Centre Manager
Colum is the Clean Technology Centre manager, a Senior Environmental Consultant and programme manager with a PhD in Physical Chemistry. He is an IEMA Auditor and has worked with CTC for almost 20 years. Colum has extensive experience working with industry, the waste sector, local authorities, communities and national agencies. He has worked on a broad range of topics, including energy efficiency, environmental indicators, waste management and prevention, water and energy assessments, zero emissions and waste, environmental management systems, creative thinking, innovation and sustainable community development.