In 2020 The Clean Technology Centre partnered with Longford County Council to develop the Going Green Longford project.

The aim of the initiative was the support micro businesses in County Longford to improve their environmental performance and competitiveness through resource efficiency and other actions.

CTC worked closely with the Longford Enterprise Office (LEO) to promote and develop the scheme. The initiative offered micro businesses in Longford up to €5000 to make environmental improvements to their business.

The benefits to the companies who joined the programme were:

As part of the programme CTC carried out environmental audits and provided training for companies to improve their resource efficiencies and reduce their carbon footprints. The companies were then required to implement environmental initiatives to avail of the €5,000 grant. CTC worked with the companies in that process.

Eligibility criteria included:

Of the 32 companies that participated, 85% have progressed to implementing green projects.

Projects completed included: LED lighting, Solar PV, Wastewater recovery, biodiversity enhancement and circular economy projects.

Details of the programme are available here.