Carbon Footprint

CTC commits to supporting companies to track and reduce their carbon emissions at the source and offset their carbon for unavoidable emissions. By doing this they can become net-zero/carbon neutral businesses and achieve the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Why Carbon Footprint Quantification

Carbon footprint quantification allows companies to determine the main sources of the carbon footprint generated from their activities, processes, and products. 

It will assist in setting their actions effectively to decarbonise their operation and supply chain in order to transit to a low or zero carbon business.

Carbon Footprint Quantification for Companies

The highly experienced CTC team has provided professional services in quantifying the carbon footprint to various sectors including events, office-based business activities, manufacturing and product life cycle. 

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Other Services

CTC has always been active in training, and since we are part of CIT this is a good fit. We have trained a wide variety of target groups, which continues to grow. One of our speciality is the provision of online training, which is now more relevant than ever.


We have carried out over 120 pure and applied research projects, nationally and internationally, and we offer project management skills, experienced research capabilities and high quality deliverables to potential clients, whether in the public or private sector as well as to other like-minded companies and entities who wish to partner with us.


CTC provides a wide range of services to Irish industry and we have worked with 400 clients in many industrial sectors, through our own consultancy work and also through national programmes. We have provided support to all sizes of companies, from the largest multi-national to the smallest SME.