The Clean Technology Centre (representing MTU) has begun working on the international project TRACK-STAR (Transatlantic civil society dialogues with key policy stakeholders).

This is a collaboration between the EU and USA for policy improvement and recommendations in seven areas: energy, climate change, circular economy and biodiversity, democracy and transparency, digital economy, regulatory cooperation, and trade investment.

CTC’s work (which is voluntary) is part of the Energy Working Group of the project. The Energy Working group will create an open dialogue between key stakeholders in the EU and US to design a mutually beneficial agenda for broader transatlantic cooperation. It will seek to identify a range of issues that address fossil fuels and carbon reduction, the transition to renewable energy and electric vehicles; distributed energy, energy storage, demand-side management, and smart grid; energy security; solar and wind supply chains; international energy standards; energy workforce development; and the US-EU Energy Council.

The project team has reviewed the EU – US policy landscape, including the key messages from the EU announcement on December 2, 2020, in relation to policy dialogues of immediate importance for transatlantic cooperation in Energy. Several issues on which the EU and US could potentially work together are now being developed and discusses.

For more information about TRACK-STAR go to

For more information about CTC’s involvement in the Energy WG, contact Safaa Al Tameemi ( CTC’s representative on the project.