4th Iteration of LAPN Certified Training Underway

The Fourth Iteration of the Local Authority Prevention Network  Certified Course in Waste and Resource Use Prevention is now underway and being implemented by the Clean Technology Centre. Already 26 local authority and other staff have been trained in this course and a new set of 8 trainees are undergoing training this year.

The aim of this certified programme is to provide participants with the knowledge and technical skills necessary to develop, conduct, lead and manage waste prevention or minimisation strategies within their organisation or for others.

Non-product output, waste to landfill, emissions and unnecessary energy use are inefficiencies that raise costs as well as affecting the environment. The Irish economy will need appropriately trained and qualified professionals who have the capacity to implement waste avoidance and reduction programmes. This is an explicit objective of EU policy and the Environmental Protection Agency’s National Waste Prevention Programme (NWPP). Lack of formal knowledge and technical skills in this regard are key barriers to waste prevention and minimisation.

An important initiative of the NWPP is the Local Authority Prevention Network. As part of the LAPN programme, the EPA and the Clean Technology Centre (CTC) have developed a new certified course to address this need. This programme is primarily aimed at individuals charged with waste prevention strategies within their own organisation or for others. A certain level of relevant experience or technical knowledge is required.

This certified course provides participants with:

  • The ability to identify and quantify the causes and effects of waste generation from processes, products and services throughout their life cycle
  • The skills to develop key performance indicators, to identify potential improvements, and to devise and manage a waste prevention/minimisation programme in their own organisation
  • Course certification from Cork Institute of Technology Course Structure

The programme is delivered through eight days of face to face tuition spread across several months, 60 hours of directed self-study and a workplace-based project. The tuition emphasises examples and relevant exercises. Extensive notes, case studies and reference material are provided to participants. Each course day is broken down into three blocks of 1.5 hours, including case studies and exercises. There is an examination at the end of each day.

If you would be interested in signing up for the next iteration of this course, contact Dermot Cunningham at the Clean Technology Centre. Email: dermot.cunningham@ctc-cork.ie

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