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Bord Gáis is an Irish commercial state body operating in the energy sector employing about 900 staff and headquartered in Cork City, Ireland.Bord Gáis is a leading dual-fuel energy provider, serving 630,000 natural gas users in Ireland and over 150,000 electricity customers, having successfully entered the residential electricity market in February 2009.   The company is currently constructing a 445 MW gas-fired power station at Whitegate in Co Cork and is developing a portfolio of renewable and flexible power generation assets.
The company’s goals in renewable energy reflect and support the Government target of 30% energy produced from renewables by 2020.Bord Gáis is proud to sponsor the IUSES ’09/’10 Educational and Awards Initiative in Ireland.  As a leader in promoting and encouraging energy efficiency at all levels, Bord Gáis is delighted to support an initiative which sows the seed of energy awareness in energy consumers and procurers of the future.  This generation will dictate the direction of our energy use and its ultimate impact on sustainability and our environment.  Bord Gáis places great emphasis on the educational forum as a means of encouraging and supporting students to understand energy, its use, the benefits of utilising energy efficiently and nurtures interest in researching and exploring other sources of energy.  Bord Gáis, currently through an active research and development fund, supports an increase in the quantity and quality of research in alternative energies in Ireland’s colleges and invests in campus/technology companies in prototyping and bringing technologies to market.

As a leading supplier of energy to the Irish marketplace and with great interest in educating students on the subject of energy, Bord Gáis looks forward to a dynamic and meaningful year of educational practices, experiments and awards submissions in the realm of IUSES.

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