Clean Technology Centre begins new project on waste charges

The Clean Technology Centre and O’Callaghan-Platt Environmental Solutions Ltd. have begun researching pay by use domestic waste systems in Ireland, with funding from theEnvironmental Protection Agency STRIVE Programme.

This project will develop an optimised pay by use system in Ireland, building upon the partners’ extensive previous work on PBU and waste prevention with special focus on the potential for waste prevention at source in any schemes. It will run for two years.

There are many systems of PBU in place, involving weight, volume and tag based systems – both public and privately run. These have led to increased recycling but waste arising figures for Ireland continue to grow.

The project will learn from the most successful PBU systems in place abroad and will also create a clear and detailed picture of the current and planned systems in place in Ireland, with regard to waste arisings (including disposal and recovery), the collectors involved, households and apartments.

Full title of project: Development of optimized pay-by-use systems which are designed to maximise the incentives for waste reduction while at the same time maintaining a properly functioning waste management system. (Code Number 2008-W-MS-1)

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