CTC Engaged in Packaging Waste Survey

In preparation for enforcement of the forthcoming Waste Management (Packaging)
Regulations 2007, The Clean Technology Centre has been commissioned by the the Environmental Protection Agency to prepare a database of newly obligated major producers under the Regulations.

The new Regulations propose to change the threshold for ‘major’ producers, setting a new de
minimis of 10 tonnes (down from 25 tonnes) of packaging placed on the market per annum
and an annual turnover of more than !1m. Consequently, producers who are exempted under
the current Regulations may become obligated under the new Regulations. Local authorities
remain principally responsible for enforcing the new Regulations.

The aim of the study is twofold:

1. To inform companies of  the changes in Packaging legislation

2. To confirm whether companies contacted will be affected by the reduction in the de minimis from 25 tonnes of packaging per annum to 10 tonnes per annum.

 For a copy of the questionnaire, contact Colman McCarthy of the CTC.

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