CTC goes Gaming!

Clean Technology Centre, at Cork Institute of Technology, is pleased to announce our involvement in the project Green Games in Tourism and Hospitality with support from the EU Leonardo da Vinci – Transfer of Innovation Life Long Learning Programme.

This project, which is being led by the Department of Online Delivery at Cork Institute of Technology will develop several game based learning tools to teach tourism and catering students how to work in a sustainable manner, reducing needless consumption of food, energy and water. It began in November 2013 and is a 24 month project.

In keeping with the notion of a “persuasive game” (Bogost, Persuasive Games: The Expressive Power of Videogames, 2007) the proposed game will ultimately invite players to interact with a complex system which not only facilitates conventional skills and knowledge development but addresses also the more fundamental attitudinal dimension by constituting a form of procedural rhetoric based around the learner experiences of rule-governed variables to do with food waste, water waste and energy management within the Tourism and Hospitality region.

logo_enThe game-based learning approach environment is seen as an appropriate and innovative method, providing an immersive, manipulable environment for education, which allows for the tuning of the learning content to the relevant learning group. This approach will also help modernise the area of green-oriented skills, knowledge and regulation. The game does not aim to replace any current environmental sustainability education, but rather offers an engaging means of complementing learning and allowing lifelong learners to improve or retain knowledge in the area.

Our partners in this project are;

FH JOANNEUM University of Applied Sciences (Austria), Caped Koala Studios (United Kingdom), European Institute for Future Studies and Strategic Planning (Basque Country), Adelphi research Gemeinützige GmbH (Germany)

Further information: Tadhg Coakley (tadhg.coakley@ctc-cork.ie)

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