CTC grant aided to support food waste prevention and home composting

The Clean Technology Centre (CTC), with partners Composting and Recycling Consultants Ireland, Irish Peatland Conservation Council and Wastedown Consultants, has been engaged by the EPA to develop and coordinate a national food waste prevention and home composting programme under the National Waste Prevention Programme (NWPP-2009).

This project will build on the successes of Local Authorities in promoting home composting, increasing the levels of food waste prevention, as well as further developing the success of householders taking responsibility for their waste.

The programme of work aims to provide a wide and effective range of information based tools and instruments for Local Authorities that will assist them in further encouraging food waste prevention and home composting.  Some currently proposed examples are:
•    “how to” information
•    a dedicated website
•    training programmes with support presentations and portable displays
•    designs for demonstration gardens
•    a Master Composter volunteer programme and sample promotional materials
•    pilot trials

To become involved in this project, for for further information contact

Colum Gibson or Mairead Creedon

The Clean Technology Centre
T: 021 4344864
E: colum.gibson@ctc-cork.ie; mairead.creedon@ctc-cork.ie 

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