CTC joins new project on Creativity and Innovation

CTC has joined with partners from Austria, UK, France, Germany, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Italy, and Spain in a new project for the promotion of innovation and creativity in SMEs. The project, Creative Trainer II, builds upon the previously successfully completed project, Creative Trainer, which was also supported by the EU under the Leonardo da Vinci Programme.

The Creative Trainer project developed and tested training in the fields of creativity and innovation management  and comprised 5 modules as follows:

Module 1: Creativity Techniques –  an overview of creativity techniques, roles, etc.
Module 2: Idea Machine –  a lateral thinking technique
Module 3: Idea Evaluation  – an overview of different evaluation techniques
Module 4: Innovation Management  – the management of innovation projects
Module 5: Innovation Marketing – methods of innovation marketing

DEF-flag-logoeac-LLP_ENCreative Trainer II builds upon this training in new regions, including Ireland, and will also develop two additional modules for the course. The first module deals with innovative marketing techniques and the second module examines the entire process of innovation management for product development.
These modules will show companies how to realize and market the product ideas most suitable for them.

Further information available at www.creative-trainer.eu/

CTC will be piloting some of the training in Ireland – to sign up for this training contact Tadhg Coakley at the CTC. Email: tadhg.coakley@ctc-cork.ie or Tel.: 021 4344864

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