CTC Prepares Green Meetings and Events Guide

A-guide-to-running-green-events-and-meetingsCTC with Hospitality Solutions Consulting (HSC) have prepared A Guide to Running Green Meetings and Events for Fáilte Ireland.

The comprehensive and attractively produced 52 page guide is intended for any business involved in planning and/or running a meeting, conference or event in Ireland, including conference organisers, venues (including hotels), accommodation providers, catering companies, entertainment/activity providers, audio visual/IT companies, and transport providers.

Central to every event and conference, there is a Planner (tasked with the organisation of an event/conference) and a series of Suppliers (who deliver the various elements and services required to ensure a successful event/conference) and this guide provides specific and focused support for these two target groups in particular.

The guide provides an informative yet simple step by step approach to Planners in order to Green their Business; Identify their Clients’ Green Needs; and to Green the Event and Supplier. The Suppliers are also advised and supported in Greening their Business.

The guide shows how an environmental management system (EMS) can simply yet effectively be implemented in the relevant businesses and several support materials such as EMS, Green Office and Supplier Checklists; a GMIC (Green Meetings Industry Council) Plan; Glossary and further information through Supports and Links are also provided.

This Guide will greatly enhance the opportunities and supports for green event development in Ireland both for environmentally focused Irish companies and to attract sustainability oriented organizations worldwide to come to Ireland and host their events with minimum environmental impact.

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