CTC produces support material for garages

As a follow on to an EPA investigation into waste management in the Garage sector in Ireland, the National Waste Prevention Programme (NWPP) has funded the development of a number of support materials.

One of the key issues found within the sector was an appreciation of the various different laws that apply to garages.

Consequently, CTC has developed the following:

  • The Smart Garage Guide
This guide provides information on all aspects of a garages overheads including electricity, waste and water. It provides basic information on typical ways to improve the way things are done and how to save money. It also provides simple checklists so that a garage can easily comply with all the relevant laws that affect it. The key message from the guide is that you can reduce your costs while improving your environmental performance. Click here to download.
  • A poster on “How to Manage your Garage Wastes”.
Manage Garage Waste A3 finalThis summary poster provides all the key information with regard to the main waste streams generated by Irish garages, how to properly manage them and ensure you comply with all the relevant laws. Click here to download.
  • A poster on the implications of Burning Waste Oil.
Burning waste oil in furnaces and other dedicated oil burners is common in Ireland but is illegal without an EPA licence. However, the fumes given off by these burners are potentially very damaging to a persons health and this is not commonly communicated. This poster addresses both the health and legal implications of burning waste oil.Click here to download.

CTC are currently working with a number of garages across the country to try and reduce their costs while at the same time reducing their environmental impacts. From previous work in collaboration with Macroom E, a case study of the improvements and savings made by Macroom Motors is also available. Click here to download.

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