CTC to develop best practice for vehicle servicing and garage sector

The reduction of hazardous waste, by both industry and society in general, is a key element of the 2nd National Hazardous Waste Management Plan, which was published by the EPA in 2008. One of the priorities set out for the next five years, the management of hazardous waste from the vehicle servicing and garage sector in Ireland, is the basis of this current project.

The project, funded under the National Waste Prevention Programme (NWPP-2009-13), will involve the development of Best Practice Guidance for this sector. These Guidance notes will be drawn up in consultation with a number of National stakeholders and reflect all the current regulations pertaining to this sector. From these a Best Practice booklet will be developed for use by garages. This will outline proper waste management practices as well as a number of additional options designed to save garages money and reduce their environmental impact.

In addition an AIC style scheme will be piloted, similar to that currently used within the vehicle refinishing sector. Feedback from the participating garages, as well as the other stakeholders will determine whether such a scheme is viable for this sector.

The dissemination of these findings to the sector as a whole will be undertaken through a national publicity campaign that is due to be announced in 2010.

For further information contact Colum Gibson at CTC.

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