CTC working on PRI compliance with EPA

CTC is now working with the EPA’s Enforcement Support Framework – Producer Responsibility Initiatives (PRIs), in a framework agreement for enforcement support services for PRIs over a period of three years for WEEE and batteries.

The project will be for the completion of campaigns of inspections to determine compliance with PRIs. Such campaigns of inspections by CTC will focus on the following:

·         Particular commercial and industrial sectors;

·         Selected geographical areas;

·         Distance sellers; and,

·         Particular requirements of the Regulations.

The locations at which inspections will be carried out will also include the following:

·         Retail outlets and other business premises;

·         Distribution centres.

CTC will carry out inspections on websites and other means of distance sales. Desktop studies may also be a feature of some inspection and intelligence gathering campaigns.

CTC will also be preparing B2B guidance and as well as carrying out other activities to promote compliance with the various producer responsibility initiatives.

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