CTC to present to National Waste Prevention Committee

CTC has recently completed its research project: A Roadmap for a National Resource Efficiency Plan for Ireland (2014), EPA STRIVE PROGRAMME 2007-2013.

The outcomes of the Roadmap project will be presented to the National Waste Prevention Committee in Dublin on December 12th by Tadhg Coakley and Dermot Cunningham.

This committee, and the National Waste Prevention Programme itself, was, in turn, set up on foot of recommendations made in a previous CTC research project:  Assessment and Development of a Waste Prevention Framework for Ireland (2004), Environmental RTDI Programme 2000–2006.

Ireland thus had one of the earliest National Prevention Programmes (2004) which has been active since, with countries such as Sweden only putting such programmes in place in 2013.  These programmes are now mandatory in the EU.

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